Ways to make your job more bearable

Ways To Make Your Job More Bearable

Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  While the sentiment is nice, it’s not exactly relatable to the average person. Many, if not most Americans, report feeling unhappy and unfulfilled at work based on a number of factors. Whether it’s disappointing pay, little to no benefits, or a toxic work environment, there are many reasons why people report feeling unhappy in their jobs.  If you find yourself having these feelings as well, here are a few ways you can make your job more bearable.

Set A Positive Example

If you’re feeling dissatisfied at work, chances are your coworkers are too. If you sense that your colleagues are having the same feelings as you, try to set a positive example by boosting your office’s morale. This will only add to a positive shared office space atmosphere. You could do this by taking opportunities to compliment your co-workers and give them positive feedback on their work. They will appreciate the kind words, especially if your boss is typically absent from the picture. Trying to boost workplace morale as much as you could inspire your coworkers to do the same, and will make your hours on the clock a little more bearable.

Have Something To Look Forward To

Making plans after work is one of the best ways to get through a long day, and it will give you something to look forward to. Grabbing dinner with a friend, watching a movie with your significant other, or visiting a family member are all examples of things you could do after work that will help the day go by faster. Having something to look forward to after work is a great way to improve your mood, and you’ll begin the feel fulfilled in areas of life outside of work. Next time a friend or co-worker asks you to grab a cup of coffee with them after clocking out at the end of the day, take them up on the offer!

Create A Fun Workplace

If your office doesn’t offer any kind of corporate wellness programs, try creating your own!  Coming up with employee wellness ideas and putting them into effect is a great way to boost office morale and get excited about coming to work.  Things like casual Fridays, potluck meals, and even walking meetings are all examples of actions you can take to make the work environment fun for everyone.  If your boss will allow it, ask for designated remote days, where employees can choose to work from home.  Making small changes around the office and allowing yourself to loosen up a bit can improve your feelings towards work.

Make Your Space Comfortable

Making your job more bearable can sometimes be as simple as making your workspace a little more comfortable!  Try decorating your desk or office with little things that make you feel at home, such as a framed picture of a pet or loved one, or add little touches of comfort, like a pillow for your chair or a desk lamp with a warm glow.  Decorating your space with things that make you feel happy and calm is a great way to make your time at work more enjoyable.

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